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“Wholething” by HEwas Clocking in at 3 minutes and 5 seconds, “Wholething” is the brand new single from Hewas, featuring none other than, Afroman. It’s sure to make an impression, due to its subject matter and at times, ribald content. However, wrapped tightly within a blanket of provocation and posturing, is a well written and produced effort. Hewas turns in a high quality, and personalized performance that flaunts his impressive vocal range.  The inclusion of Afroman virtually ensures a good time. Hewas comes from a diverse and multicultural background. He claims to be mostly influenced by pop music, but admits his tastes are constantly evolving. He shows a decidedly original style on “Wholething” by displaying his impressive vocal dexterity. He straddles genres a bit, and proves that not only is he a great pop vocalist, but could excel as an R & B singer, as well. He recently developed an appreciation for Billie Eilish, which might explain his tendency to have a hushed tone,

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