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2020 has been a great year for emerging pop singers. From the smooth southern sounds of a burgeoning American surrealist movement to the acrylic worldbeat of more experimental outfits to the north and east, listeners have had their pick with regards to indie hit-makers lately, but few of the artists I’ve reviewed in the last year have made as grand an impression on me as Ilyah recently has. Ilyah has been making polished pop melodies on his own for a couple of years now, mostly flying under the radar of domestic pop importers, but his status is getting the spotlight it deserves this spring thanks to the release of “Habibi.” His latest single and music video, “Habibi” is a culmination of this artist’s compositional odyssey, and one of the most endearing songs of its kind I’ve heard this May. 
 The percussion in this track is undeniably as communicative as any of the vocal parts are, and I love the fact that Ilyah never sounds even slightly de…

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