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Alex Wellkers

Alex Wellkers has hit his creative stride with the new album famous now. He’s moving forward with a musical vision that, in the hands of lesser performers and composers, would sound like an ineffectual hodgepodge of styles and, instead, seems poised for far larger glories than indie praise and success. He’s had his share of the latter. Switzerland-born, you’ll hear a strong European flavor in Wellkers’ music if you know what that sounds like, but it doesn’t stop him from crafting a truly global release capable of earning a worldwide audience.   The songs make it clear that is what he is aiming for. It isn’t the only thing, however, in his sights. Wellkers is doing this for himself, above all else, and some of the songs such as the first track “Get This Far” is an obvious cathartic experience for the singer. It doesn’t mean that listeners will feel as if they’ve stumbled in on some sort of musical therapy session. He does an exceptional job of connecting this song to wider concerns than

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