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Sharon Hendrix

"You know they say time has a way of healing everything” sings Sharon Hendrix in the first verse of her new single “Believe and Become,” her voice delivering a full-bodied melodicism that seems to have been heaven-sent amidst this summer of social unrest around the world. Inspiring us with not only her words but the strength of her tonal presence in this track, Hendrix turns in what could be her most well-rounded piece of material to date in this all-new single/video combo, and if you haven’t already taken a peek at it, I would recommend doing so immediately this September. 
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The rhythm of both the vocal and the instrumentation gradually becomes a key element in upping the chills-factor in “Believe and Become,” with a slight contrast between the visual tempo in the video and the fluidity of the music adding a sense of theatrical license to the finished product. Hendrix herself is perfectly timed with the subtly churning backdrop he…

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